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Rue Du Musée 4 • 2000 Neuchâtel • Switzerland

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals reinforce and direct their physical, mental and emotional resources, their intrinsic capacities for health and well-being, growth and expansion. Building resilience and developing self-awareness is at the heart of our multidisciplinary approach.

Alexander Technique


The Technique will help your body find its natural balance and teach you how to reorganise your postural habits through the development of self-awareness. Learn with us how to re-direct your body and mind to a more effective and pain-free response to everything you do.

Alexander Technique

Professional Training

The number of hours is spread over seven consecutive semesters. The training program includes the Alexander Technique professional competences, individual lessons, the Tronc Commun TC, and the Stage TC. The next training start date is August 2023.

Useful Resources

4 TOP Reasons To Learn The Alexander Technique
Welcome to our videos, where we will be sharing with you our knowledge and experience with a work we have been practising, researching and teaching for over 20 years.
Whether you already have an experience of the Alexander Technique, or you are discovering it today for the first time, we are here to help you explore some of the aspects of our work, and provide a glimpse of how we can help you, on your journey.
German and French subtitles are available.
HeartMath tools and techniques
When we are angry or stressed, not only do we feel poorly, but our brain functions are also impaired. We might overlook or forget important details, say things we regret, have trouble sleeping or feel drained and overwhelmed.

Based on years of research, HeartMath tools and techniques are designed to teach how to synchronise your heart, mind and body, to reset your inner clarity and composure, calm reactive emotions and neutralise stress.

The Dutch police: a success story
The entire Dutch police force has now adopted HeartMath programs, tools and techniques as a means of building resilience, reducing burn-outs and stress levels.

Today more than 34'000 police officers use HeartMath techniques daily and with great results. Overall, they are responding better to the stressful situations they experience every day; they are more in control of their emotional reactions and are seeing a marked improvement in their quality of life.

Scientific foundation of the HeartMath system

HeartMath Institute Research Director discusses why heart coherence is essential in stress management and sustainable behavioural change.

The quality of the signals sent from the heart to the brain have a profound effect on our brain functioning, mental clarity and even on our emotional experience. We can shift the rhythms of our heart and quickly improve brain function, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Learning to change
Becoming conscious of our unconscious Self allows us to understand how much the experiences of the past condition us. Our physical, mechanical habits, as well as our mental and emotional reactions are running the show we call “ourselves”.

Through observation and self-awareness, you can STOP those habitual reactions that limit the expression of your individuality. Change the habits of a lifetime and live a more fulfilling life.

Are you aware of what drains and renews your inner battery?

Boost your resilience and improve your capacity to face mental, physical and emotional stress.


Resilience is your capacity to face physical, mental, and emotional strain or tension. The greater your resilience, the more energy you’ll have available when you most need it.

Acute Stress

In the fight or flight response, the body prepares to defend itself and to overcome a significant hurdle. It takes about 90 minutes for the metabolism to return to normal once the response is over.

Chronic Stress

It is your nervous system’s reaction to lifestyle: deadlines, expectations, repetitive movements and overuse. When left uncontrolled, this type of stress will affect your health and your body.


HeartMath self-regulating techniques and science-based tools will help you master those emotional reactions and states of mind that deplete your inner resources. Learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, develop self-regulation skills, and build mental and emotional resilience.
Benefits of HeartMath
Studies conducted with over 11,500* people have shown improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath® training and technology.

* Percent of individuals responding often to always on normed and validated pre and post Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA-R)


Drop in fatigue



Drop in anxiety



Improvement in calmness



Improvement in sleep



Improve the ability to focus



Drop in depression